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All Saints students to be “Good Eggs” to help Haitian children

It is so important for the students to take what they are learning about their faith in Mass and in the classroom and put it into action in the community, especially at Lent.”

The words of Doug Fogg, a teacher at All Saints Catholic School in Bangor, nearly provide a perfect description of the special community that exists at the PK-Grade 8 school.

During Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday (February 26), the students will be focused on being “good eggs” for children in need living in Haiti.

“The Good Egg Program is sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy in Haiti,” said Matthew Houghton, principal of All Saints. “Essentially, you are raising money to feed children in need of food living in poor areas. For $60, you can allow each child to have an egg a day for a year. These students need more protein in their diet.”

All Saints isn’t afraid to set a lofty goal for their effort.

“We want to feed all 500 children in one community for a year!” said Houghton.

The project holds special significance for the Bangor school.

“This is a corporal work of mercy to feed the hungry and teaming up with the Sisters of Mercy is perfect as they started All Saints Catholic School in 1865,” said Houghton.

Service projects are constantly on display at All Saints thanks to the school’s “HEART,” an initiative designed to describe the ways in which the school leads students to Jesus and helps in the deepening of their relationships with God.

For the younger kids, “HEART” stands for “Holiness, Eucharist, Acts of Service, Relationships, and Tradition”, while the acronym matures for the older kids with concepts like “Holiness, Equal Dignity of Human Beings, Action and Attitude, the Redeeming Love of God, and the Call to Live in the Truth.”

“All Saints fosters a strong Catholic, academic, and social environment,” said Houghton. “But the students consistently grow beyond the classroom in other important areas like their values and respect for serving God and others. Once our students leave our school to enter area high schools, their new teachers tell us that All Saints children can be identified by their high achievement and strong moral compasses. It’s amazing to see.”

The Good Egg program will launch on Ash Wednesday when All Saints kicks off its observance of Lent with a public Mass at St. John Church at 9:30 a.m.

A special Lent section has also been created on the Diocese of Portland’s website featuring resources to assist people during their Lenten journey, including Mass times, special event listings, presentations of the Stations of the Cross, a “Saints of Lent” section, faith formation and Scripture reflections, retreat information, ways to share your gifts, and Lenten messages from Pope Francis. The site will be updated throughout Lent.