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St. John's Students Help in the Fight Against Hunger

The students, spanning in age from pre-kindergarteners to eighth graders, stood side by side, passing cans, boxes, and other food packages from the doors of St. John’s Catholic School in Brunswick, down Union Street, and into the Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program facility on June 4.

The “human chain” passed 828 pounds of food, but that is only about one-third of the 2,332 pounds gathered and donated by students over the course of the school year.

The Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program assists community members in need through a soup kitchen, food bank, food pantry, and several other programs. In March and April, the program served more than 4,000 people during 1,500 visits to the facility.

“We go to Catholic school, so we are taught to do the ‘kind thing,’” said third grader Fiona Sharp. “It’s what Jesus would do.”

“The 828 pounds of food were collected in just one week,” said Shelly Wheeler, principal at St. John’s. “That’s an increase of over 150 pounds from last year’s ‘human chain.’ It’s truly a reflection of the students’ collective enthusiasm to give back to the community that has given them so much. That is a great lesson for all of our students.”

St. John’s has hosted the “human chain” for around 15 years, illustrating to students how each one of them is important in helping those in need.

The “human chain,” one of countless service projects hosted at St. John’s each year, solidifies the students’ understanding of helping their neighbors.

“This is God’s work and it reminds our students that we are serving God when we serve one another,” said Wheeler.