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Cheverus High School

Here at Cheverus, we prepare young men and women to be people for and with others. Jesuit education seeks to develop the whole student - mind, body and spirit. Not only are Cheverus students challenged academically, but they are also encouraged to honor their own unique passions and gifts. Cheverus is committed to cultivating excellence and forming young people into competent, intellectually curious and socially conscious adults.

At the heart of Jesuit education is the rigorous study of the humanities and the sciences, reflecting the conviction that the study of great ideas is an important component in the formation of character. Our program of studies encompasses more than the acquisition of knowledge; it fosters academic discipline, cultivates critical thinking skills and problem solving, and encourages reflection in the pursuit of excellence. The rigorous Cheverus curriculum is designed not only to prepare students for college and beyond, but to instill a love of learning that helps them pursue their passions and interests to the fullest. Our distinguished and experienced faculty are committed to student learning and achievement, and provide the right balance of challenge and support.

Students and families who come to fully embrace the Cheverus experience find themselves on campus at all times of day, on the weekends and over breaks pursuing their passions beyond the classroom. In our Campus Ministry office, our Robotics lab, our band room, our gymnasium and weight room, students learn and grow towards the young women and men they will become.

And perhaps most importantly, at Cheverus, in embracing our Catholic traditions, we believe that the pursuits you follow here are not for your glory, but for God’s. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (A.M.D.G.) means “For the Greater Glory of God,” and it is a phrase you will hear often repeated here and at all Jesuit institutions. It refers to a striving, of living deliberately to face the darkness of injustice in unity and with love. At Cheverus, we believe in our students and prepare them to bear responsibility for bringing wholeness to our world. This foundational piece of Jesuit wisdom helps to keep all of us grounded in the larger purpose of the work we do each day. We extend this invitation to students of all faiths and those seeking a faith tradition to join in this work.

Mission Statement

The mission of Cheverus High School, an inclusive Jesuit Catholic college preparatory school, is to prepare young men and women to be people for others by fostering intellectual, spiritual, physical and personal excellence.



Shaped by our Jesuit, Catholic tradition, Cheverus strives to foster lives of faith and justice among the students, faculty, and staff. Our campus ministry program and our four-year theology curriculum Invites students to recognize and respond to the call of God in their lives, empowers students to commit to ongoing faith formation and encourages our students to engage in prayer, reflection, and service.

Our students are actively involved in our Campus Ministry program through participation in our four-year spiritual retreat program, through support of our liturgies as musicians, Eucharistic Ministers, altar servers, lectors and greeters, and through regular acts of service to others in need. All religious and spiritual activities are designed to respect each person’s religious tradition, for the Greater Glory of God. As a Christian community, our goal is to inspire the imitation of Christ through kindness, respect of self and others, openness, and concern for all others.



At Cheverus, students build the academic foundation critical to continued academic success after graduation. All courses are taught at the college prep level, and we also offer honors courses and 16 Advanced Placement subjects. With nearly 100% of our students going on to post-secondary school, the Cheverus experience provides the right balance of academic rigor and support.

In addition to individual meetings, all Juniors and Seniors take a semester-long College Advising course, taught by our dedicated College Advisor. Recent college acceptances include: Bates, Boston College, Bowdoin, Brown, Colby, Columbia, Cornell, Fordham, Georgetown, College of the Holy Cross, Harvard, Middlebury, NYU, Providence, Fairfield, Tufts, Stanford, St. Joseph’s, UMaine, University of Notre Dame, U.S. Naval Academy, Stonehill, USC and Villanova.



Whether they are participating in a lively debate, volunteering at the soup kitchen or performing on stage, our student’s engagement with extracurriculars enriches our community. With more than 20 student organizations to choose from, there is a way for every student to honor their own unique passions and gifts through community involvement.

A small sampling of Cheverus’ student organizations include concert band, math team, outing club, french club, concert band, robotics, campus ministry and Model UN. Additionally, Cheverus’ exceptional athletic program offers more than 45 varsity, junior varsity and intramural sports. Most of our teams compete at the class A or AA level.

All of our students perform community serve each year. Additionally, many students explore social justice issues and put their faith in action through optional participation in an immersion trip.

267 Ocean Avenue
Portland, ME 04103
Phone: 207.774.6238 

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